Marvo Racines Iron Stoker low-cost stove

Roast, bake, grill or stew with absolutely no electricity or gas.
The cooking stove or woodfired cooker once used by grandmother is experiencing a new boom and has today once more established itself as a high-quality and reliable kitchen element: its ability to offer a wide range of cooking methods while reducing heating costs means that it is today once more a popular topic. We have developed the new generation of stoves through a process of continuous development and innovative techniques. We have combined the virtues of the classic cooking stove with the construction requirements of today’s low-energy building practices. Our new iron heater is the result of 20 years of experience. The Iron Stoker model is unique in terms of function and performance and sets new benchmarks for the industry. The benefits of the Iron Stoker include rapid heat release, reduced wood consumption, increased heat storage capacity, absolute airtightness and the possibility of fitting a blower door.