Marvo Racines Tiled or masonry stoves in general

Heating with tiled stove or masonry stoves is an ecologically sustainable form of heating that uses wood, a raw material that is renewable and locally available. Low-energy houses reduce energy demand still further, meaning that today there is no difficulty in heating a whole house with a tiled stove while at the same time enjoying a log fire in the living room. Tiled stoves can also meet all hot water needs for heating and hot water use, with a fully automated electronic control system distributing the energy released. Installing a tiled stove as a primary heating system allows our customers to achieve an ideal and uniquely healthy climate while at the same time assuring autonomous heating, i.e. they are not dependent on any other energy source (energy autarky). The tiled stove is the only heating system that is adapted to its location and circumstances. Individual planning and calculation of the stove and heating needs ensures that the stove in your home will function in an absolutely ecologically and environmentally friendly way. The cost of installing a tiled stove is initially slightly higher than a fireplace or a woodburning stove, for example. But it outdoes these types of heating system in terms of efficiency, indoor climate and wood saving many times over. Its low-maintenance operation alone (cleaning required just once every 10-15 years) makes the stove an attractive proposition.