Marvo Racines Bread and pizza ovens

Bread and pizza oven
Whether as a bread, pizza or baking oven, these all have one thing in common: roasting, baking, stewing, grilling or smoking with a real fire. Building a pizza oven yourself requires only a modest amount of craft skills. Before you go out and buy a bread oven, however, check the various possibilities with us. We will be pleased to assist you in the planning and execution of your project: whether in the garden, in the kitchen or in a tiled stove, the idea is always followed by a plan which is then realised.

Since the beginning of our revival, “Cooking on an open wood fire”, we have delighted numerous satisfied customers and allowed them to take home something special. There is nothing is more harmonious and atmospheric than cooking and eating at home together with good friends and family.
Whether for grilling, stewing, heating, frying, baking, smoking or drying, our stoves have multiple applications.